For Wood Watches:

Your Dreamy Wood timepiece has a limited warranty period of 12 months from the date of purchase from authorized Dreamy Wood dealers under the following terms and conditions:


Dreamy Wood’s limited warranty covers material and manufacturing defects present at the time of the purchase of the watchin which case Dreamy Wood will cover the service fees. The warranty only comes into force if proof of purchase is shown with a valid receipt of payment. During the warranty period, and by presenting the proof of purchase, you will have the right to have any manufacturing defects repaired free of charge.


In the case that repairs are inappropriate to recover the normal functions of your watch, or when your Dreamy Wood timepiece is no longer available, we will replace it with a Dreamy Wood timepiece with the same or similar model or color.

To maintain this limited warranty, the product must be operated and maintained in accordance with the care and operation instructions.


The Dreamy Wood limited warranty does not cover some situations and parts including, but not limited to, battery life, normal wear and deterioration, water or fire damage, glass crystal, watch case, band or strap, loss or theft, scratches due to abnormal wear or abuse, malfunction due to accidents (knocks, dents, cracks, etc.), lack of care, negligence or incorrect use, any other abusive or destructive behavior resulting in cosmetic or mechanical damage, any mechanical damage to the works, alterations to any component, and loss or damage of any kind connected to the use of the product. Furthermore, opening the case back will void the warranty. However, normal wear and tear may be repaired at the customer’s expense.


You are fully responsible for delivering the watch and complete package to our service center. Dreamy Wood will not be liable for any additional costs incurred such as, but not limited to, expedited shipping options, insurance, packaging, or failure to follow the instructions provided by Dreamy Wood.


All repair requests must be mailed in to our repair department. Please contact our service department at: info@dreamywood.com.au.


For Wood Sunglasses, Wood Jewelry, Wood Accessories:

We do not provide any warranty for Wood Sunglasses, Wood Jewelry,and Wood Accessories.